DeRemote - Control your Denon or Marantz


Known issues:

DeRemote 3.9.3 does not save manually added zones

Workaround: before leaving the Zones list, select Edit and change the zones order.

Reporting issues with DeRemote

Please do submit any issue you find to

As it is practically impossible to test with all Apple, Denon and Marantz devices plus the various firmware versions, your support is highly appreciated!

Before submitting a new issue, please switch on the communication trace in DeRemote. In the Support section of DeRemote Settings, specify your own email address and switch on “Upload to Support”:

    1) select the Menu                           2) select Settings                           3) select Support                           4) enable trace



NOTE: make sure you switch off “Upload to Support” after the issue is resolved otherwise every time you use DeRemote, a full trace file is uploaded the to DeRemote Support server.

For comments, feature requests or support, please contact:

Please also check out the FAQ.

Download User Manual
(by Rick Connolly)Support_files/DeRemoteManual328_1.pdf